Whether it’s a motor bike, motor vehicle, motor home, horse float, caravan, forklift, bobcat, tip truck, garbage truck, bus, prime mover, b- double, a loaded low loader that’s just stuck ,we’ll even help with moving your house. Our aim is to get you where you need to be, whether that is to a secure storage facility or to your preferred place of repair or storage. Bangalow Towing employs reliable and trusted Employees who will assist you when in time of need. Our network of trusted and reliable subcontractors and labourers enables us to conduct a speedy and efficient recovery service for any major accidents and recoveries.

Our focus on personal safety is paramount, as is the dedication and professional manner in the way we conduct any recovery process, limiting unnecessary loss, damage and down time for our customers.

Compliance with Insurance and Industry standards and requirements reflects our commitment to providing peace of mind to our customers and to the safety of our staff.


  • Light all up lift tilt tray
  • 54 tonne Class 4B Mack Truck heavy tow truck specializing in bogg and winch salvage recoveries
  • 90 tonne Class 4C Mack Truck heavy under lift tow truck specializing in breakdown and accident recovery
  • Holding yard: Approved, secure holding yard facilities capable of storing b-double combinations capacities
  • Operator Licence number 90089

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0415 660 923




NRMA Road side assistance and NRMA Member Services

As a NRMA Country Service Centre we provide 24hr road side assistance for applicable NRMA members, 24hrs a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year and for applicable members of the affiliated interstate road side assistance clubs. In the event that our qualified road service technician/s are unable to get your car mobile we will arrange for a towing service back to our secure holding yard or onto your preferred destination 24/7.


We are an AVIS- so we can complete your pink slip inspection – WHILE YOU WAIT

Rather than making a trip to the RTA we can assist you to complete the registration process while in our office *** credit card required for online or over the phone payments